North York Veterinary Clinic Services

Looking for veterinary services in Toronto?

Don Valley Animal Hospital offers a wide range of veterinary services for pets in Toronto and surrounding areas.

These services include:

Wellness and Preventive Medicine
Our focus is to help prevent disease and illness in your family’s pets. Our goal is to help you minimize the need to treat and cure preventable diseases. Preventive medicine increases your pet’s chances of having a long and healthy life. We accomplish this through routine annual physical examinations of your pet, proper nutrition, parasite control and through the use of a vaccination program based on an individualized risk assessment of your pet.  To help you with making the right nutritional decision for your pet, we offer our clients a nutritional consultation to ensure your pet is getting a properly balanced food for their individual needs.


We do routine dental work such as cleaning and extractions by appointment.

Physical Examinations
Of all the services we offer our clients, we believe this is the most important one. A thorough examination allows us to pinpoint diseases before they develop. Palpation of your pet from head to toe gives us the opportunity to not only identify subtle changes but also feel internal organs that may be abnormally enlarged. Touch is the most developed tool in our arsenal of diagnostic instruments. We recommend annual blood work, similar to what your own doctor recommends, as this provides us with valuable information that can only be retrieved through in-depth analysis.

Pet Foods

We have a wide selection of veterinary pet foods and treats for both cats and dogs that can help your pet live a long and happy life. We carry a range of life stage pet foods along with specially formulated foods such as hypoallergenic and kidney formulations to suit your pets’ individual medical needs.
If we do not carry the specific brand of food that you require, we can often special order it in for you.

In-House Digital X-ray

In-house X-ray equipment aids us in quickly assessing any physical injury or abnormality that may be affecting your pet’s well being. We can then determine the appropriate course of action, medical and/or surgical.

Medical Diagnostics and Hospitalized Treatment

We have various methods of diagnosing and treating illnesses and injury in your pet. Our qualified staff enables us to provide high-quality care during the hospitalization of your pet.

Small Animal  Boarding

We have boarding facilities available to accommodate your cat or dog should he/she need to be cared for while you are away. Our goal is to keep your pet comfortable and happy while they reside with us.

Small Animal Grooming
We have an on-site grooming facility available for our feline patients by appointment.

Small Animal Surgery

Pet Microchip ID

If you’re ready to see our expert veterinary team in Toronto, call Don Valley Animal Hospital today at (416) 441-3411 or make an appointment now.

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