Our Doctors

Dr. Farshid

Dr. Farshid received his veterinary medical degree (DVM) from IAU in 2001. He started reviewing Veterinary Medicine at Pierrefonds Animal Hospital in Montreal as a student, and after completing The North American Veterinary Licensing…

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Patient Care Team

Lead Technician

Nikki has always wanted to work in the veterinary industry ever since she was a child. She has now been a VT at DVAH for two and half years. Nikki is passionate about…

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ACA/Inventory Manager

Heather has always had a love for animals. She began working at Don Valley in the Spring of 2012 as an ACA and has been here ever since. You can often find her in the back helping care for your…

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Client Care Team

Practice Manager

Christine has been working at Don Valley Animal Hospital for 13 years as a Receptionist. She has 20+ years in customer service, seven years as
a Medical Receptionist and…

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Amanda has always loved working with animals, ever since her first job at the Toronto Humane Society. A pet parent herself, she understands…

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Kim graduated from Durham College’s Animal Care program in 2016. Her favourite part of her job is seeing different cases. In her spare time, she loves to…

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Anna has been surrounded by animals of all kinds since childhood back in her home country – from dogs and cats to horses and sheep, she loves them all.
For Anna, there is nothing…

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Co-op Student

Pooja is a CO-OP student at Don Valley Animal Hospital. She is in her senior year at Wexford Collegiate School for the Arts in the Visual Media Arts program. Her love and interest in animals…

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