Shanice, Animal Care Attendant

Meet Shanice, one of our talented animal care attendants at Don Valley Animal Hospital. Shanice loves coming to work each day to learn something new and see all the furry friends and their owners. Her passion for animals started with her own Rottweiler mix, Scar, who is friendly and very goofy. Scar loves to play and is quick to make friends with anyone who gives him a good pet.

Shanice has had a passion for animals since she was a little girl and worked as a dog groomer for three years. Her love for animals and desire to expand her knowledge and skills led her to the veterinary industry, where she feels right at home. In addition to her experience in pet grooming, Shanice also knows American Sign Language and has been using it since she was four years old.

At Don Valley Animal Hospital, Shanice is dedicated to providing the highest quality of care for all our furry patients. Her kind and compassionate nature make her a favorite among both pets and their owners. If you’re looking for a caring and knowledgeable animal care attendant for your furry friend, Shanice is here to help!